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I have linked here to a book I wrote called “Hearts of the Fathers” about a troubled spirit’s journey into the afterlife. The book is inspired, in part, by the hundreds of near death experiences I’ve studied. But the idea for the book came to me when I a vivid image came to my mind. It was of a spirit, a lost soul, in a dark realm in the afterlife. Why was he there? Could he get out? What sort of temptations or habits might he face in his journey upward?

Writing the story was one of the great joys of my life and while I don’t claim it as direct revelation, I felt a distinct sense of guidance. It felt as if the plot/journey of the next chapter would come only as the current chapter closed. I couldn’t wait to see where my main character would end up!

Every once in a while I’m blindsided (and gratified) by someone approaching me to tell me how much the book has meant to them, how it has given them hope and broadened their perspective on what is possible. One such person said, “I’m not necessarily complimenting you. This book is wiser than you are.” Fair enough! I’m sharing the link here in case someone in this forum could enjoy and benefit from it. Although the journey is fictional, everything the main character encounters in the spirit world is inspired by the hundreds of NDE accounts I’ve read in my life. It also reflects my deep belief in the importance of family connections in the work of salvation. If you do read it, I’d love to hear what you think.

Thank you so much for your support! I love receiving emails from people who use bibledice in their daily devotion.

SJ Lawrence

What is Wrong with Bibledice?

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